For Physicians

The foundation of Emerson Health is its active medical staff — a team comprised of more than 300 doctors, including primary care physicians and specialists in nearly every medical and surgical field. Through this network of highly-skilled physicians, Emerson patients can be assured that they will receive expert, personalized care.


For potential new members of the medical staff

Visit our physician careers page to discover why Emerson is such a welcoming destination for medical professionals. Physicians interested in practicing at Emerson can contact Diane Forte Willis, director of physician recruitment and relations, at 978-287-3002 or


Patient safety is of paramount importance to us at Emerson Health. Our credentials office serves as a gatekeeper for patient safety by ensuring that the physicians who deliver care here are fully qualified to do so.

Credentialing is the process used to evaluate and verify the qualifications and practice history of a doctor. This process includes reviewing a doctor's completed education, training, residency and licenses. It also includes any certifications issued by a board in the doctor's area of specialty — what’s referred to as board-certification.

The Emerson Health credentialing process adheres to the standards and guidelines set forth by:

  • The Joint Commission
  • The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine
  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid

For questions related to credentials, please call 978-287-3018, fax 978-287-3122 or send an email to

Information for our Medical Staff

If you have questions about medical staff activities and meetings, please contact the medical staff office at 978-287-3018 or

The Emerson Medical Staff Library is located on the third floor of the Medical Office Building, adjacent to the main hospital.

Continuing Education

Current Grand Rounds videos can now be found on the Emerson Hub intranet site. Choose "Medical Staff Office" from the drop-down options under Departments in the top navigation. The link to the Grand Rounds page is located within the CME box on the left-hand side of the medical staff page.

Risk Management CME Videos: For Reference/Knowledge Only

These risk management videos are provided for reference/knowledge content only. No AMA PRA credits will be given for viewing. For instructions on how to view these videos, visit the Medical Staff Office page on the Emerson Hub and click on the CME/Risk Management link on the left-hand side. This will download a Word document with instructions and a password. You may also contact the medical staff office with questions.

Emerson Health Medical Staff

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