Intern Experience & Testimonials

I worked as a medical assistant at Emerson Health Gastroenterology over the summer. I was looking to immerse myself in a clinical environment and learn as much as I could about the medical field. My internship exceeded my expectations and was an incredibly eye-opening and fulfilling experience! I was able to train with some talented medical assistants and was actively involved in tasks like rooming patients, taking vitals and patient health information, refilling prescriptions, and chaperoning physician/physician assistant exams. I really appreciated that the internship allowed me to have patient interaction, as I was able to strengthen my empathy and communication skills in the process. I was also involved in the endoscopy/colonoscopy booking and prescription process. Everyone at the office was incredibly supportive and encouraging! The amazing people I have gotten to know here have made my experience even more memorable. I was also able to learn from and observe the very inspiring physicians and physician assistants at the office. They were all very kind and accommodating and encouraged my curiosity and interest in the medical field. They were always so willing to answer my questions and show me the intricacies of their procedures and patient interactions! Through shadowing the physicians and their procedures (at the main hospital and endoscopy center) I was also able to meet and learn from endoscopy technicians, nurses, anesthesiologists, and CRNAs. Seeing the passion and dedication that all of these healthcare professionals put into their work was inspiring, and has only strengthened my interest in pursuing medicine. I am so grateful to Emerson Hospital and everyone at Emerson Health Gastroenterology for this opportunity. The lessons in empathy, commitment, dedication, and passion for the medical field will stay with me through college and for the rest of my life!

Shreya, Medical Assistant, Gastroenterology

My summer internship with Emerson Hospital has proved to be enriching. As a medical assistant working for Emerson Health Urology, I refined my professionalism, garnered medical and administrative experience, and developed an awareness of the interpersonal skills required in a hospital setting. With direct exposure to office visits and procedures, I gained an immersive view of the urology field. This internship afforded me the ability to accrue firsthand experience while maintaining the utmost focus on patient safety and comfortability. I learned through firsthand experience while prioritizing patient safety. The staff of Emerson Health cultivate a positive environment of sincere respect for others and commitment to hard work. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity that formed me both professionally and interiorly.

– Casey, Medical Assistant Urology

Framingham State University’s partnership with Emerson Hospital has provided incredible opportunities for students seeking out clinical experience in the healthcare field. Often, these positions can be difficult for students to secure but are a critical part of their learning and preparation for a profession in healthcare. We have had a total of seven students, current and former, who have reaped the benefits of a position at Emerson Hospital. These students have learned valuable skills from interacting with patients and providers that have helped shape their future careers. We are grateful for the partnership that Emerson has extended and for the opportunities that help guide the next generation of health care professionals.

Dr. Shelli Waetzig, Professor, Framingham State University

It has become very popular in recent years to utilize gap students in fulfilling many roles in outpatient medical practice. These students have advanced education and often a flexible schedule that allows them to accept internships in their related fields of study. They typically can learn and execute roles within the medical practice quickly and bring a professional tone to our patients and others in the practice. The benefits to the practice are many, including access to adaptable staff that is highly skilled and professional. The benefit to the students is that it allows them to work in a professional health care setting, teaching them the fundamentals, which broadens their knowledge base and gives them a well-rounded perspective of best practices within the health care field. It prepares them to be better providers and leaders who have an increased understanding of the daily functioning of medical practice operations.

Linda Meuse, Practice Manager, Emerson Practice Associates