Children & Adolescents

While Emerson Hospital does not have an inpatient unit for children or adolescents with behavioral health issues, we do offer services to help young patients in crisis get the support and treatment they need. 

These services include:

Psychiatric triage in the Emergency Department

Emerson has a psychiatric triage clinician available 24/7 to provide a diagnostic evaluation, risk assessment and determination of the appropriate level of care needed.

If our evaluation points to the need for inpatient treatment, our team will help find a bed in an appropriate pediatric facility  

Pediatric Intervention Team (PIT)

Our Pediatric Intervention Team (PIT) provides support to children who are experiencing mental health crises in the Emergency Department by offering safe and appropriate coping tools and distraction.

Consulting Child Psychiatrist

Our consulting child psychiatrist also is available, when requested by your child’s pediatrician, if psychiatric or emotional issues arise when a young patient is admitted to the hospital for medical reasons.

In addition, Emerson Hospital’s affiliated child psychiatrists are available to see pediatric patients in their private practices.