Radiation treatment
Radiation oncology services at the Cancer Center are provided by physicians from the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Radiation Oncology.

Radiation therapy is an invaluable cancer-fighting therapy and is usually given once a day over many weeks, so convenience and ease-of-access to the treatment facility is critical. The Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Radiation Oncology at Emerson Hospital provides all of this. The joint program includes the most up-to-date and highly accurate treatment and planning technologies available at the major downtown hospitals in one convenient location — at the Cancer Center in Concord, Mass.

Recent advances in radiation treatment which are available to Emerson patients include:
  • 3-D Conformal Radiation Therapy: CT-scan guided treatment planning, which enables the physicians to pinpoint the precise tumor location using an on-site CT scan.
  • Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT): Enables physicians and physicists to “sculpt” radiation beams around the tumor — thus avoiding unnecessary radiation to normal tissues and structures.
  • Image-Guided Radiation Therapy: Imaging tools within the linear accelerator (treatment machine) that enable precise re-positioning of the patient from one treatment session to the next.

All of this high-tech expertise is available in a beautifully renovated, comfortable, and personal atmosphere. The Radiation Oncology Department has been designed to provide comfort, privacy and to maximize every patient’s experience while they are in our care. The waiting room is large and airy. There is a twinkling night sky to view in the treatment room, free patient parking and highly-trained compassionate staff — all part of the Cancer Center.

The center brings the highly-sophisticated technological expertise of MGH in combination with Emerson Hospital’s highly-personalized care to an accessible, convenient, patient-oriented environment.


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