In these podcasts, Emerson Health specialists discuss common breast cancer myths and misconceptions including family histories, lump types, and the treatment of male breast cancer.

Episode 1: Breast Cancer Myth Busters with Dr. Ragulin Coyne

Dr. Elizaveta Ragulin Coyne discusses how to tell when lumps and breast pain are signs of cancer, as well as breast cancer surgery options.


Episode 2: Breast Cancer Myth Busters with Dr. Joanna Ng-Glazier

Dr. Joanna Ng-Glazier explains different breast reconstruction options after undergoing breast cancer surgery and treatment.


Episode 3: Breast Cancer Myth Busters with Dr. Kimberly Brennan

Dr. Kimberly Brennan discusses how to reduce the risk of breast cancer and what food may or may not help when trying to do so.


Bonus Episode: What to Expect at Your Mammogram

Real life info and tips from women who perform thousands of mammograms each year. Dottie Hunter and Janet Oyer share insight and tips on what to expect when you get a mammogram.


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