The multi-disciplinary team involved in Emerson Hospital’s Comprehensive Breast Health Program include physicians, medical and support staff, social workers, a dietitian, therapists and lymphedema specialists. Their expertise and commitment to compassionate care extend to each facet of a patient’s journey through our program.


Breast Radiologist

Medical Oncologist

Radiation Oncologists

Plastic Surgeons

Nurse Practitioner

Physician Assistant

  • Hilary Donahue, PA

Support Staff

Oncology Patient Navigator — Christine Malette (978-287-8173)
  • Responsible for coordination of care, alleviation of barriers to treatment, psychosocial support, patient education, and point of contact for questions and concerns.

    Funding for the oncology patient navigator is provided in part by the Hans and Mavis Lopater Foundation.

Surgeon’s Nurse — Diana Abetia, LPN, and Patricia Lichwell, LPN
  • Responsible for patient assessment, coordination of care, insurance authorizations, and point of contact for questions
Surgeon’s Scheduler — Sherrielynn Cook Helvitz and Nicole Burnard
  • Responsible for registration, scheduling appointments and surgeries, insurance verifications, and completion of medical leave paperwork
Oncology Social Worker — Eriko Takai Frank, LICSW, MPH, and Robyn Garcia, MSW
  • Responsible for providing psychosocial support to patients and their families, coordination of community resources, completion of advance directives, and assistance with financial support
Dietitian — Ena Sandler, MS, RD, LDN
  • Responsible for promoting quality oncology nutrition practice in cancer treatment, prevention and survivorship through education and support
Physical Therapists
  • Responsible for training patients to regain strength and functioning, reduce fatigue and achieving increased quality of life during and after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy
Lymphedema Specialists
  • Responsible for evaluating early signs of lymphedema, providing treatment and support to minimize complications