The multi-disciplinary team involved in Emerson Hospital’s Comprehensive Breast Health Program include physicians, medical and support staff, social workers, a dietitian, therapists and lymphedema specialists. Their expertise and commitment to compassionate care extend to each facet of a patient’s journey through our program.


Breast Radiologist

Medical Oncologist

Radiation Oncologists

Plastic Surgeons

Support Staff

Oncology Patient Navigator — Kerin Malley, RN, BSN Surgeon’s Nurse — Rachelle Felice, LPN, and Patricia Lichwell, LPN
  • Responsible for patient assessment, coordination of care, insurance authorizations, and point of contact for questions
Surgeon’s Scheduler — Sherrielynn Cook Helvitz and Nicole Burnard
  • Responsible for registration, scheduling appointments and surgeries, insurance verifications, and completion of medical leave paperwork
Oncology Social Worker — Eriko Takai Frank, LICSW, MPH
  • Responsible for providing psychosocial support to patients and their families, coordination of community resources, completion of advance directives, and assistance with financial support
Dietitian — Ena Sandler, MS, RD, LDN
  • Responsible for promoting quality oncology nutrition practice in cancer treatment, prevention and survivorship through education and support
Physical Therapists
  • Responsible for training patients to regain strength and functioning, reduce fatigue and achieving increased quality of life during and after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy
Lymphedema Specialists
  • Responsible for evaluating early signs of lymphedema, providing treatment and support to minimize complications