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​Emerson Hospital’s board-certified gynecologists provide women of all ages with the full spectrum of gynecologic health services. From adolescence through the childbearing years to menopause and beyond, you can depend on these specialists for respectful, expert care — conveniently close to home.

The conditions Emerson’s gynecologists see 

Our gynecologists diagnose and treat a range of women’s health conditions, including:

The services Emerson’s gynecologists provide

At Emerson Hospital, you have convenient, local access to a team of women’s health experts who provide a full range of diagnostic, treatment and preventive services, including:
  • Routine cervical and breast cancer screenings
  • Treatment of menopausal symptoms and related disorders
  • Family planning 
  • Counseling and treatment for specific gynecologic disorders including infertility, pelvic pain and incontinence
  • Minimally-invasive surgical procedures that are associated with less pain and a quicker recovery than traditional surgery, usually requiring no overnight hospital stay
  • Uterine fibroid embolization — A non-surgical, minimally-invasive procedure to treat these non-cancerous growths in the uterus
  • Hormone therapy
  • Health care guidance and education
In addition, through our relationships with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, Emerson provides local access to the expertise of gynecologic cancer specialists from these renowned institutions right here in Concord. 

Support services and groups

Emerson offers a wide range of community health and wellness programs and classes through our Steinberg Wellness Center for Mind and Body to help women take care of their health and make informed health care decisions.

In addition, we offer ongoing support groups to help women cope with various medical conditions or life situations.


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