Birthing Center Going Home
When it is time to bring your baby home from Emerson Hospital, rest assured that we will ensure you are both healthy and ready to begin this next stage of your life as a family.

Here is what to expect, and some tips for a smooth discharge:
  • Before leaving, you will be seen by your obstetrician and a pediatrician will evaluate your baby.
  • A maternity nurse will provide discharge papers that include postpartum care information and a review of your care while you were here.
  • You will need to have clothes at the hospital for your baby to wear home; it may be useful to have several receiving blankets and clothing options in case the weather changes.
  • Be sure to also have comfortable clothes that you can wear for the trip home!
  • Send as much home the day before you leave the hospital as you can — chances are your room is full of flowers, balloons, cards and gifts.
  • Remember: you MUST have an infant car seat to take your baby home.

A word about infant car seats

By law, you must have an infant car seat to take your baby home. Parents are expected to install the car seat prior to discharge. If you have questions about proper installation, we recommend searching for a certified car seat technician. has a useful map of car seat inspection sites. is a good resource for information on the types of car seats and provides installation tips and videos as well a search option for inspection stations near you.

Infant and childcare classes

Through our Steinberg Wellness Center for Mind and Body, we offer a number of classes to help parents care for infants. Topics include infant care and CPR, breastfeeding, sibling prep, and a course for soon-to-be grandparents.