Emerson Hospital
When a newborn baby requires advanced medical care, there is tremendous peace of mind knowing Emerson Hospital is home to the area’s only Level II special care nursery. 

Under the direction of a Massachusetts General Hospital neonatologist—a pediatric subspecialist who cares for premature or ill newborns—our special care nursery provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for:
  • Infants born prematurely
  • Infants with feeding difficulties
  • Infants with low birth weight
  • Infants with other medical issues that require close monitoring and assessment
  • Twins and triplets 

Our special care nursery is staffed around the clock by skilled doctors and nurses who monitor and respond to any sudden changes in a baby’s condition. In addition, a board-certified pediatrician is on duty at the hospital at all times. 

The special care nursery also stabilizes and manages babies born at Emerson who may require transfer to a Level III facility for more advanced care. Many of these infants return to Emerson to gain strength closer to home in our special care nursery.

Support Services and Groups

Emerson offers a wide range of community health and wellness programs, including courses on preparing for birth, infant care and CPR, breastfeeding and more.


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