Pediatric Care - Intervention Team

Pediatric Intervention Team

The hospital can be a scary place for a child. That’s why Emerson Hospital provides a caring Pediatric Intervention Team (PIT) to ease the fears and anxiety of children—and their families—wherever they are in the hospital. 

What the Pediatric Intervention Team does

Whether your child is receiving care at Emerson or visiting a family member who is, our Pediatric Intervention team is available to help them—and you—cope during the experience. We’re here to:
  • Guide children and families through the surgical experience, including day-of preoperative teaching so kids and parents know what to expect (preoperative teaching can also be arranged in advance of the surgical date by calling 978-287-3422)
  • Help children through difficult diagnostic imaging exams and procedures
  • Reduce fear and anxiety in children and families in the Emergency Department by providing coping strategies, distraction and medical play
  • Ease children’s fears while they’re hospitalized, creating a child-friendly atmosphere and offering activities for distraction and normalization
  • Support families as they grow by providing short-term therapeutic support to families using Emerson’s maternity services
  • Comfort children when they visit critically ill family members in an intimidating medical environment, and help families discuss illness and end-of-life issues in an age-appropriate way
  • Help families talk to children about cancer in an age-appropriate way

Who’s on the Pediatric Intervention Team?

The PIT includes:
  • A pediatric psychiatric registered nurse
  • Two child life specialists, pediatric health care professionals who work with children and families in hospitals to help them cope with the challenges of hospitalization, illness and disability
  • A consulting child psychiatrist