Deficits in vision, sensation, coordination, and cognition (thinking skills) can affect driver safety.  Driver assessment is a great way to help individuals and families determine strengths and weaknesses related to learning to drive or returning to drive after illness.  

An Emerson occupational therapist/driver rehabilitation specialist (OT-DRS) is on-site to provide comprehensive driver assessment.  

This program begins with a phone intake and is followed by an in-clinic occupational therapy assessment of visual, physical, and cognitive “fitness to drive”.  A physician’s order/prescription is required.  The cost of clinical assessment is $350 and is payable to Emerson Hospital.
In most instances, the clinical assessment is followed a week or so later by an on-road assessment (in an instructional vehicle).  Recommendations can include “return to driving”, “participate in driver rehabilitation” (driving lessons with a rehabilitation professional), or “retire from driving.”

Emerson is pleased to partner with the Central Mass Safety Council (CMSC), a driving school based in West Boylston, Mass., to increase the local availability of on-road services.  The cost of on-road assessment varies by type of vehicle required and location of assessment (higher fees for adaptive equipment and/or for the DRS to travel to an alternate location).  

This program is located at 310 Baker Avenue in Concord, Mass., at Emerson's Clough Family Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapies.  

Please call (978) 287-8244 to initiate this process.