Digital Wellness Program

Emerson Hospital has teamed up with Turning Life On, a local grassroots movement, to create a digital wellness program with the goals of increasing awareness of the many impacts that electronic devices have on youth today, as well as to provide research-backed advice that empowers families to make healthy choices about digital media use. Digital wellness is using technology with intention to achieve optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health; enhance relationships, safety and privacy; and increase our ability to learn and be productive.

For more suggestions on how to embrace digital wellness and improve every aspect of our health, visit

Click on the below links to discover how exposure to digital media can affect different aspects of your health and social interactions, as well as some suggestions to improve your digital wellness in these areas.

Podcast Series

Tune in to our new podcast series “Supporting Youth in Achieving Digital Wellness” to hear from a variety of experts about digital wellness.

Podcast 1: The Six Pillars of Digital Wellness with Kelsey Magnuson, the community benefits coordinator with Emerson Hospital, and Adrienne Principe, founder and executive director of Turning Life On.


Podcast 2: Physical Health. Amy Forrer, MD, of Emerson Family Medicine in Maynard, explains how a child's physical health can be affected by technology use.

Podcast 3: Dr. Rao and Adrienne Principe discusses Supporting Youth in Achieving Digital Wellness and Spiritual Health and Learning and Productivity.


If you are interested in working with Emerson and Turning Life On, fill out the form below and someone will respond to you.