Community Needs Assessment

Emerson Hospital undertook a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) from October 2017 through September 2018 to better understand and address the health needs of the Emerson Hospital community and to meet all provisions of section 501(r) of the Affordable Care Act, which requires hospitals to conduct a community health needs assessment and adopt an implementation strategy at least once every three years.

The CHNA report contains secondary data from existing sources such as the U.S. Census, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the CDC Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance Survey, and the Emerson Hospital Youth Risk Behavior Survey, among others.

This report also includes input from key informant interviews with community residents and stakeholders, particularly those with special knowledge of local and state public health departments, representatives from councils on aging, housing authorities, local schools, and representatives of medically underserved, low-income, and minority populations.

Utilizing the dominant themes gathered from the data collection and key informant interviews, Emerson Hospital prioritized the health needs identified by the community. The key focus areas identified through the process are as follows:

  1. Lack of transportation options
  2. At-risk adolescents
  3. The growing aging population
  4. Cancer
  5. Mental health and domestic violence

The full report presents supporting data for each identified need, as well as additional indicators related to each area of focus. This report will be used by Emerson Hospital in developing implementation strategies to work towards improving the community’s health over the next three years.