Community Needs Assessment

The hospital's mission is to deliver high quality, safe and cost-effective care to our patients and to maintain a professional and respectful environment for all members of the Emerson Hospital community.

We define high quality as meeting or exceeding the requirements of our customers: patients, physicians, the community, and payers.

  • For patients, this means competent and personal clinical care
  • For physicians, this means an environment that facilitates effective and efficient delivery of patient care and encourages professional growth and development
  • For employees, this means a positive work environment that encourages and supports the achievement of professional and personal goals
  • For the community, this means providing access to a continuum of health care services delivered in a high quality, cost-effective manner. It also means working with diverse community organizations to protect and improve the health status of our community residents.
  • For payers this means providing a collaborative environment that promotes cost effective, high-quality care.

Through strong connections to the community, Emerson is able to respond to the needs of those it serves. The hospital attends to those needs through a coordinated Community Benefits Program, which is mandated by its mission and includes:

  • An extensive scope and variety of outreach programs and services to meet the needs of area residents
  • Numerous activities designed to stimulate other organizations in carrying out a broad health agenda in the community
  • An internal environment that encourages hospital-wide involvement in community benefits programs.

The Committee will have the authority to recommend the community benefits mission, vision priorities and actions to the Governance Committee of the Board which will review and recommend to the Board for approval.

Emerson Hospital's 2016 Community Benefit Report

2015 Emerson Hospital CHNA Executive Summary and Implementation Plan

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