Credit & Collections Policy

At Emerson Health, we provide top-quality care to all our patients. We also understand that each patient has a unique financial situation. That is why we work with individuals who have limited incomes and resources in order to find coverage for their care.

To help you understand if you’re eligible for this type of assistance, we have developed a Financial Assistance Policy that addresses free and reduced-charge care. This document includes information about:

  • Emerson’s payment, credit and collections policy
  • Patient account reviews
  • Our monthly budget plan program
  • The state’s Health Safety Net program that pays for medically necessary services
  • Other discounts for which you may be eligible

This financial assistance policy applies to Emerson Hospital and any entity that operates under the hospital’s license or tax ID number (such as our urgent care centers, for example).

Questions? Please call our financial counselors’ office at 978-287-3432 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

And know that every request for assistance is handled confidentially and sensitively.