The Emerson Health Care Foundation is a charitable organization whose mission is to develop friends of the hospital to help us meet the ongoing financial challenges facing health care.

It is led by a strong group of volunteers who give both their time and resources in support of the hospital’s mission and vision. We are very fortunate to have them as part of the Emerson family.

Foundation Board of Directors

  • Cato Anderson, Treasurer
  • Thomas Beaudoin
  • William Boger, MD
  • Jeff Campbell
  • Steve Carr
  • Gloria Clough
  • Danny Costa
  • Charlie Denault, Chair
  • Karen H. Donoghue, Secretary
  • Deborah Greene, MD
  • Denise Haartz
  • Heidi Harring
  • Martin Kafina, MD
  • Jeanne Kangas
  • Karl Kussin, Emerson Hospital CPO
  • Philip Lotane
  • Lynn Martin
  • Joshua M. Nelson, Vice Chair
  • Kimberley Patenaude
  • Anna Winter Rasmussen
  • Sandra Schelzi
  • Christine Schuster, Emerson Hospital President & CEO
  • Robert Segal
  • Andrew J. Sohn
  • Jill Stansky
  • Deb Van Walsum, Auxiliary President