EPA Fellows and Interns 2022

Administrative Graduate Internship

Build Your Skillset

The Emerson Practice Associates (EPA) Graduate Internship is designed to provide interns with a unique experience so that they may build foundational skills for a successful career in healthcare administration. The internship is an excellent opportunity for exposure to an ever-changing industry.

As part of its commitment to growing a talented and diverse workforce, EPA has developed educational relationships with several graduate programs. All graduate students enrolled in an accredited program with an interest in healthcare administration are encouraged to apply.

Universities Represented*

  • George Washington University
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Yale University
  • University of Scranton

*Students enrolled in other accredited programs are welcome to participate.

Leadership Development

The EPA Graduate Internship is a summer opportunity for students enrolled in accredited graduate degree programs who are between their first and second years. Graduate interns will spend their summer supporting one of EPA’s primary care, medical subspecialty, surgical subspecialty or urgent care practices. Interns are paired with a mentor, affording them the opportunity to learn from one of Emerson’s talented leaders. Interns will be exposed to a hands-on learning experience encompassing the daily operations of a physician practice, allowing them to further develop their understanding of patient flow, the revenue cycle, and EMR understanding, among other disciplines of a physician practice. Interns have also had the opportunity to take on additional projects that help advance the mission of Emerson Practice Associates.

EPA’s Graduate Internship Program continues to develop students for successful careers in healthcare administration and several have subsequently applied for Emerson Health’s Administrative Fellowship program. The time spent as a graduate intern prior to the fellowship has proven to be invaluable and allows these students to rapidly progress into the fellowship program. The fellowship leverages the previous experience gained during the internship to further develop competencies and ultimately may lead to leadership responsibilities within one of Emerson Health’s physician practices. Click here to learn more about the Emerson Administrative Fellowship.