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Administrative Fellowship

We're excited to welcome Elizabeth Pitchford of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Daniel Gendimenico of The University of Scranton as our new administrative resident fellows for 2024!



Program Overview

The Administrative Fellowship at Emerson Health System is a one-year opportunity specifically within Emerson Practice Associates (EPA) which serves as Emerson Health System’s employed medical group.

Throughout the experience, fellows will have a comprehensive, overarching view into the management of outpatient physician practices. Fellows may have the opportunity to observe the operations of primary care, medical subspecialty, surgical subspecialty and urgent care practices, as well as work cohesively with billing staff to gain insight into the revenue cycle and attend key administrative meetings with management staff. Furthermore, the goal is for the fellow to acquire fundamental leadership skills such as physician communication, staff assessment, project management acumen, and experience interviewing potential candidates for employment.

About EPA

Emerson Practice Associates is Emerson Health System’s employed medical group consisting of twenty-three practices across the surrounding Concord area. EPA helps Emerson Health successfully meet 90-95 percent of all patient needs. Along with the various specialties within EPA, clinical affiliations with Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital provide streamlined access to world-class care, whether their physicians come to Emerson, or Emerson helps patients receive services there. Emerson Practice Associates meets patients where they are, and is dedicated to providing outstanding patient experiences and quality outcomes.