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The Emerson Community Physician Organization has a large range of Specialists to address patients’ unique medical needs. Our medical Specialists have advanced degrees and training in specific areas of medicine. Although most health issues can be managed by Primary Care Physicians, if your unique medical condition gets more serious or is particularly complicated, your Primary Care Provider (PCP) is likely to refer you to a Specialist.  For example, if you have a family history of heart disease and experience related symptoms, a Cardiologist may be the best physician to address your needs and to perform the appropriate tests. Similarly, if you have a skin rash or allergy, a Dermatologist may be recommended by your PCP. Chronic health conditions such as Colitis, Diabetes, Heart Disease, or Cancer may require you to consult with a Specialist or a team of Specialists. Together with your Primary Care Physicians, your Specialist will determine the best course of care.


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If you are unsure, first start with a conversation with your Primary Care Physician for advice and recommendation regarding the type of specialist you may need. Then use our Physician Search to find a Specialist and or a practice that is near to you.

Our Specialists welcomes all local PCP referrals.

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