Emerson Hospital’s Most Popular Baby Names of 2015


In 2015, nearly 1,200 babies were born at Emerson Hospital, representing 45 different communities, including Sudbury, Westford and other towns throughout Middlesex County, and several in New Hampshire.  Their parents chose some very special names.  The most popular names selected by parents who had their babies at Emerson in 2015 were Lucas for a boy and Emma for a girl. Lucas is #4 and Emma is #2 on BabyCenter’s national list of baby names*.  The most popular names on BabyCenter’s list were Jackson for a boy and Sophia for a girl.

For a baby boy, honorary mention at Emerson goes to Benjamin and Logan, coming in at #2 and #3 respectively for boy names chosen by Emerson parents. Honorary mention for girl names goes to Olivia and Sophia, which were the #2 and #3 girl names chosen by Emerson parents.

While the top names at Emerson Hospital in 2015 generally reflect some of the most popular names in the country, in keeping with tradition, Emerson parents showed some distinct creativity in selecting their children’s names.  “Emerson parents tend to choose creative, or culturally significant names for their babies,” said Loretta Weaver, Birth Registrar at Emerson Hospital. “In the more than twenty years I have recorded birth certificates at Emerson I have seen thousands of unique names. Every parent wants to choose a meaningful name for their child, it is one of the biggest decisions they’ll make in their baby’s first hours. Every time I meet a family and they tell me their new baby’s name I get excited.”

Boys born at Emerson in 2015 were given creative names such as: Ashford, Axel, Callon, Dax, Jagger and Phoenix.  For girls, creative names included: Adele, Charleston, Despina, Fiona, Noa and Oriah. None of these names made the Top 10 list on BabyCenter.

Emerson also saw a number of classic names for boys and girls. Jacob, Liam, Noah and William for boys, and Catherine (with four unique spellings), Clara, Margaret and Vivian were popular traditional names among Emerson parents.
In keeping with history over the years, there were two Emerson’s born at the hospital in 2015 – one boy and one girl – just like in 2014. Originating as a boy’s name meaning son of Emery, Emerson is becoming a more common name for both boys and girls. The name Emerson took the #266 spot on BabyCenter’s 2015 list for boys and #174 on its list for girls.

*BabyCenter is the country’s top parenting and pregnancy digital resource. You can find its list of top baby names here: www.babycenter.com/top-baby-names-2015

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Emerson Hospital is a multi-site health system headquartered in Concord, Mass., with additional facilities in Sudbury, Groton and Westford. The 179-bed hospital provides advanced medical services to more than 300,000 individuals in 25 towns. To learn more, visit www.emersonhospital.org.