Pediatric Neurologist Joins Dr. Robert C. Cantu Concussion Center


The Dr. Robert C. Cantu Concussion Center at Emerson Hospital, one of the most comprehensive concussion diagnosis and treatment centers in New England, announced that pediatric neurologist Herbert Gilmore, MD, recently joined the team and is accepting new pediatric concussion patients at the center at 310 Baker Avenue in Concord. His expertise is in diagnosing and caring for children with concussions.

Dr. Gilmore earned his medical degree from the University of Graz in Austria. He completed his pediatric residency at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield and his pediatric neurology residency at the Floating Hospital for Children in Boston. Dr. Gilmore is board-certified in pediatric neurology. He has practiced in Massachusetts for 35 years, most recently as chief of pediatric neurology at Baystate Medical Center. He was previously on staff at the Floating Hospital for Children.

“We are very pleased to have Dr. Gilmore join our team of expert clinicians who are all focused on identifying concussion symptoms and treating patients so they can resume to their regular lives, including academics and sports, as soon as possible,” said Dr. Robert C. Cantu, Medical and Clinical Research Director of the Concussion Center, and one of the world’s leading experts on concussions. “Dr. Gilmore’s expertise and comprehensive approach with children and parents to identify the challenging symptoms of pediatric head injuries and concussions is a perfect complement to our team.”

“Concussion diagnoses can be difficult to make in young children because of the way their heads and brains grow,” said Dr. Cantu. “Children’s brains are not yet myelinized with a protective coating like adult brains are. In addition, their necks are not as strong and their heads are relatively large compared with adults, which can further complicate diagnosis and recovery. Some young patients say, “I only have a headache,” but if they had not had headaches prior to the concussion, it becomes an important symptom that requires medical attention,” he added.

Concussions in children happen relatively frequently, but for a variety of reasons they can be ignored or denied. Symptoms vary and can trick some clinicians who are not fully educated about concussions and head injuries. “Any head injury is serious and requires appropriate care so the patient can recover,” explains Dr. Gilmore. “I am delighted to be on the team at the Cantu Concussion Center. No other concussion program has the same depth of experience and commitment that Emerson has. The team is on the cutting edge of concussion care in terms of capabilities and resources. In addition, it has the latest technology and equipment on site that have proven to be key to diagnosing and treating patients. Their collaborative relationship with Emerson’s Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapies makes it easy for patients to be diagnosed and then treated – all under one roof. I look forward to working with my patients and their families to help children recover from the debilitating effects of concussions.”

To make an appointment with Dr. Gilmore, please call the Dr. Robert C. Cantu Concussion Center at 978-287-8250.


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