Babies Born at Emerson Hospital Go Home with New Sleep Sacks

Gift from Hospital Auxiliary Helps Promote Safe Sleep


Babies born at Emerson Hospital will now be going home with new sleep sacks thanks to a gift from the Auxiliary of Emerson Hospital to help provide a safe and comfortable sleeping experience. Sleep sacks have been proven to be safe for sleeping babies and reduce hip dysplasia in infants, a condition where the baby’s hip joint is dislocated, which can result in a limp and pain during movement. 

Sleep sacks enable babies to move their arms and their legs around while they sleep on their backs, which is important for their physical development. They also help keep babies at a constant and comfortable temperature and prevent fabric around their faces while they sleep. Sleep sacks are wearable blankets that are designed to be used by infants who are starting to move in the crib, until they outgrow the sleep sack.   

The soft fleece sleep sacks come in three colors: pink, blue and light green. During their baby’s discharge from Emerson, parents may choose a color to take with them and use with their baby at home. “Our top priority is the safety and comfort of newborns and moms,” said Joanna Vallie, Director of Obstetrics at Emerson Hospital. “We are excited to offer the beautiful sleep sacks to families as a token of our appreciation for choosing Emerson for their birth experience and to help ensure babies’ safety and comfort. We are very grateful to our Auxiliary for generously supporting this program.”  

Emerson Hospital is recognized as a "baby-friendly" hospital by Baby-Friendly USA, offering an optimal level of care for successful infant feeding and mother-baby bonding.