Dr. Peter Hoenig of Lincoln Physicians Honored by Emerson Hospital as a Physician Quality Champion

Peter Hoenig and Christine Shuster

At Emerson Hospital’s annual Physician Recognition Dinner held recently, Peter Hoenig, MD, an internal medicine physician with Lincoln Physicians in Concord, received the Physician Quality Champion Award. An internist with Lincoln Physicians since 1991, Dr. Hoenig has dedicated his career to providing exemplary health care to people throughout the community. 

In addition to treating patients at Lincoln Physicians, Dr. Hoenig serves as the Town Physician for Sudbury and volunteers as a staff physician at the MetroWest Free Medical Program, providing medical care to people who do not have insurance. For the past twenty-one years, in partnership with the local Hadassah chapter (the women’s Zionist organization of America), Dr. Hoenig has been involved with the “Check It Out” educational program that teaches students at local high schools about testicular cancer. 

Recently, along with other physicians at Emerson, Dr. Hoenig helped develop the hospital’s new medication-assisted treatment program for addictions recovery. This program, directed by Dr. Stephanie Stratigos, helps people with substance use disorders through a proven approach to treating and managing the disease of addiction. 
Dr. Hoenig received his medical degree from the University of Virginia School of Medicine and completed his residency in internal medicine and Cambridge Hospital. He is board-certified in internal medicine and is a long-time resident of Sudbury. To make an appointment with Dr. Hoenig, please visit www.lincolnphysicians.org or call 781-259-9292.