Choosing a Revolutionary Approach to Treat Prostate Cancer — Focal Cryoablation

Focal cryoablation procedure

When Jim was 64 years old, he had a routine blood test. When the test came back, it showed that he might have prostate cancer. While he was concerned about the test results, as a biotechnology professional with a PhD in biochemistry, Jim understood that new ways to treat cancer can be a better option for some patients.

He made an appointment to see his urologist, Stephen Schloss, MD, with Emerson Health Urology. Further testing confirmed that he did have cancer in one area of his prostate. Based on the small size of the cancer, Dr. Schloss referred him to Louis Liou, MD, PhD, the only urologist in New England who is trained in an advanced procedure called focal cryoablation. Focal cryoablation freezes the cancer to cut off the blood supply and control the disease. For many patients, it is an easier option than radical prostate surgery and radiation. Dr. Liou sees patients at Emerson Health Urology in Concord, Mass., close to where Jim lives.

Improved Quality of Life

Jim explains, “Often, men have options to treat prostate cancer. Each option has different benefits and side effects. For me, quality of life and minimal side effects were essential. After meeting with Dr. Liou and doing my own research, I chose focal cryoablation because it is a straightforward, same-day procedure that preserves my abilities and keeps me whole — while freezing the cancer so it does not grow.

“Having cryoablation was a walk in the park compared to men I know who had major surgery to remove their entire prostate. I went home from Emerson the same day and experienced some discomfort for a short while. A few weeks after the procedure I could do everything I used to do, including golf, hike, and stay intimate.

“Dr. Liou is fantastic, he has deep expertise with these types of procedures. He is also good at communicating. Everything he told me would happen, did happen.

“It is remarkable that advanced procedures like this are done at Emerson — right in my community. I am grateful that Dr. Liou’s expertise is easily accessible. You do not have to go far for advanced care. I encourage men to learn about the different options for treating prostate cancer and talk with their doctor to find out if focal cryoablation is a good choice for them.”

Learn More

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