Less Pain, Faster Recovery with Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacements

joint replacement patient Cyndy and her dog Zoomer

Pain that limits your daily activities and doing things you love. Severe stiffness that does not go away with over-the-counter pain medication. These signs suggest it might be time to talk with an orthopedic surgeon about a joint replacement. Hip and knee replacements are among the most common surgeries. According to Matthew Sloan, MD, orthopedic surgeon, “Patients often have excellent outcomes and enjoy a pain-free, active life when they recover after robotic-assisted joint replacement surgeries. Studies show that replacement surgeries are on the rise for younger people in their 50s and 60s due to the rigors of playing sports long term and wanting to remain active later in life.”

More Precision, Outstanding Results

Today’s joint replacement surgeries at Emerson often include a modern assistant – a robot! During these procedures, an orthopedic surgeon performs the surgery in an operating room. Nearby sits state- of-the-art equipment with a camera and screen that helps the surgeon follow a personalized plan using a 3D model of the patient’s unique anatomy.   The precise accuracy of the technology offers surgeons a crystal clear, real-time view of the patient’s joint, allowing them to protect healthy bone and insert the new joint to fit perfectly in place – like a puzzle piece. Patients benefit from faster recovery and less pain than traditional joint replacements.

Life Without Pain

Cyndy Premru, 56, of Shirley, suffered for years from knee pain due to arthritis and prior injuries. When the pain intensified, she turned to Orthopedics Affiliates. “They recommended I see Dr. Sloan for a knee replacement. He is very personable. I never feel rushed at my appointments. The idea of robotic-assisted surgery was intriguing and made sense. I trusted him to get me back to life without pain,” Cyndy says. After knee replacement surgery at Emerson followed by physical therapy, Cyndy now lives the life she dreamed of: “It does not feel like I had surgery.

Getting around is so easy now. I even went dancing! I don’t have any of the pain I used to. It was a great experience.” Here are Cyndy’s tips for those considering joint replacement surgery:
• Do not wait. The difference before and after surgery is night and day. If pain limits your life, contact a healthcare provider.
• Listen to your body and don’t be afraid. You will know when it is the right time for a replacement.
• Ask all the questions you need to make a decision.
• Pain and recovery after surgery frightens people, but every day gets better.

Visit emersonhealth.org/jointreplacement to learn more about joint replacement surgery at Emerson and listen to podcasts with Dr. Sloan, orthopedic surgeon and director of robotics.