Mac Gives Love to Emerson Patients

mac the therapy dog visiting a patient

Mac’s role at Emerson: Mac is an eight-year-old whoodle certified therapy dog who

visits patients with his human, Allison Aley. Mac cuddles up beside patients. People say
they feel calmer and happier during a visit with him.

Mac’s favorite part about visiting patients: The contact. Allison says Mac knows
when he is helping someone feel more comfortable, and he enjoys that. He will
sometimes even go to sleep with a patient.

Favorite things: Mac loves anyone who likes to pet him. He gets excited for squeaky
toys and loves to be in the woods or on a beach where he can sniff and play.

Fun fact: Mac happily rides on Allison’s paddleboard!

Why he is special: When Mac was just a small ball of fluff, the vet said to Allison,
“There is something really special about this dog. When he is older, you should think
about training him as a therapy dog.” Allison remembered that and took a therapy dog
training class with him at Especially for Pets in Acton in the spring of 2016. Since Mac
became certified as a therapy dog through the Pets and People Foundation of Acton,
Allison is grateful to share him with others who benefit from his loving personality.
Where Can You Find Mac?
Mac and Allison can be found on the Wheeler 4 floor on Tuesday afternoons. They spend
time with every patient who would like a visit.