Making the Most of Summer for Student Athletes


By Kyle Lavery, MD, Emerson Orthopedic Associates
With school out of session, summer is an off-season time for many student athletes. While a period of rest is recommended from year-round sports to prevent overuse injuries, it is important to prepare appropriately for the upcoming fall sports season. Proper fitness and conditioning is critical to prevent injury and maximize performance. In general, an organized and progressive conditioning program that involves strength and cardiovascular training is recommended. This should be tailored to the athlete's sport, age, and goals. 
When preparing for an upcoming athletic season, here are some important things to keep in mind for optimum training:

  • Consider meeting with an athletic trainer periodically to discuss goals, organize a program, and review proper technique.
  • Consider joining a gym for the summer months. Some fitness centers offer discounted summer memberships for students.
  • Maintain adequate hydration and nutrition. This is especially important in the summer months, when high temperatures and humidity can result in heat illness.
  • Warm up properly to prevent injury.
This health information was provided by Dr. Kyle Lavery with Emerson Orthopedic Associates in Littleton. Dr. Lavery has experience as an assistant team physician for the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, and Boston Bruins, and currently serves as a team physician for the Lowell Spinners. To make an appointment with him, please contact Emerson Orthopedic Associates at 978-371-5390.