Meeting Milestones with Pediatric Therapy


Children achieve growth milestones at different times, and some need extra assistance. Help is available at Emerson’s Clough Family Center for Rehabilitative Therapies. Experienced physical, occupational, and speech/feeding therapists, specially trained to work with children of all ages, help them overcome developmental challenges and prepare them for success in life.

Giovanni Lima, known affectionately as Gio, was born at just 25 weeks. After nearly six months in a neonatal intensive care unit, he was strong enough to go home. His mom, Michelle, talked with their pediatrician, Dr. Jasmin Darling, at Acton Medical Associates, about therapies to help Gio reach his full potential.

“She recommended an evaluation at Emerson for PT, OT, and speech/feeding therapy. After a year of therapy, he is meeting all his milestones. It is astonishing how far he has come and continues to progress. The experience at Emerson is phenomenal. His therapy team makes it fun. They take time to get to know Gio and our family and incorporate some of his favorite things into therapy, which motivates him to work hard and progress.”

Michelle shares these tips for families with children who may need PT, OT, or speech therapy:

  • Trust your instincts. Call for an evaluation if you think your child might benefit from treatment.
  • Every question you have about your child is important. Ask your medical team.
  • Choose providers that you like and trust. They become critical members of your team.
  • No family experience is the same. Try not to compare your child with others.