Sudbury resident Melanie Berger appreciates high-quality care


As a healthcare marketing executive in her native Florida, Melanie Berger spent a lot of time thinking about hospitals, rather than using them. When she and her family settled in Sudbury 15 years ago, having a good hospital nearby began to matter.

"Our first exposure to Emerson was for Emergency Department visits with my children," Ms. Berger notes. "But in 2004, after I experienced troubling symptoms for days, including a headache that got worse and worse, I went to Emerson. I'd had a stroke."

She recovered, and she has turned to Emerson more recently when she broke her ankle and developed diverticulitis — an inflammatory condition of the GI tract. "I know when I receive good care, and I have at Emerson," says Ms. Berger. "When I was an inpatient last spring, the physicians and nurses were so attentive and, because I had diverticulitis, the dietary staff even took the time to suggest what meals I should order."

Her appreciation for such compassionate, high-quality care has motivated Ms. Berger to become a generous donor to Emerson's Annual Appeal. She recently became a corporator and is happy to represent Emerson as an ambassador around Sudbury.

Ms. Berger found another way of giving back to Emerson: by donating apparel from her Mariwear collection — clothing that provides "braless comfort." The original concept was to design loungewear or after-work tops that provide built-in support without wires or fasteners.

"I've worn Mariwear as a patient at Emerson," she says. "You feel dignified and covered, and the staff can easily examine you." With a new collection coming out soon, Ms. Berger decided to donate some of her inventory so that Emerson patients can enjoy Mariwear.

"I have targeted Mariwear for spas, resorts and travel, but seeing Mariwear worn by patients speaks to me, because I've had a lot of experience on the patient side of things," says Ms. Berger.

Besides, she wants to do something special for Emerson. "At this point, we have a deep relationship with Emerson. It's an amazing place."

To find out how you can help support high-quality care at Emerson, visit our Giving page.