An Insider’s View of Surgical Weight Loss


Two years ago, my life took a transformative turn with weight loss surgery at Emerson. It was a journey of change, a testament to courage, and a step toward a healthier me. Looking back, I would take this life-altering path again in a heartbeat.

— Yeison Pinales

If you struggle with obesity, our awardwinning bariatric surgery program at Emerson’s Center for Weight Loss is here to help. Supporting patients throughout New England, we understand what it is like to struggle with obesity and that it is a complex disease. We also understand that the decision to undergo weight-loss surgery is about more than improving your health – it is about changing your life.

Q: What is the surgeons’ experience?



Board-certified bariatric surgeons David Lautz, MD, and Laura Doyon, MD, are highly trained experts with years of experience performing weight-loss surgeries. They have been honored with awards for their skilled approach with patients. We perform nearly 700 surgeries each year at the center, more than most other programs. We adhere to the highest levels of patient safety and stay current on the latest research and methods of weight-loss surgery.

Q: How does Emerson’s program differ from other weight-loss programs?



Everyone in our practice, from the front desk staff and the dietitians to the advanced practice providers and surgeons, supports patients on their weight-loss journey. We do not see you as a number. We truly care about every patient and treat you like a member of our family.

Our team is committed to helping you succeed before and after weight-loss surgery. Our staff are highly trained in weight loss and committed to caring for each patient who walks through our door. There is no shame or judgment here. We do not require patients to lose weight before their surgery. You will meet your surgeon at your first visit, which is different from many other programs. We get to know you and take a highly personalized approach to your journey. Our staff work with you to make sure you are comfortable and confident in your decision.

Q: What are the benefits of bariatric surgery that weight-loss medications do not provide?


Weight-loss medications aim to mimic some of the same hormonal or appetite changes that bariatric surgery achieves. Surgery, however, addresses several factors that lead to weight loss (hormonal changes, feeling full more quickly, and staying full longer, for example). Medications only address one factor. So, surgery always results in greater weight loss than medications. Medications cause side effects, which can make them challenging to tolerate. In addition, medications need to be continued longterm or life-long. When people stop taking medications, they typically gain back weight. Supply chain issues, like we have seen with many weight-loss medications, can affect availability. In addition, insurance does not always cover them. They can be very expensive. Many people undergo bariatric surgery after they tire of taking the medications.

Q: What will my life be like after weight-loss surgery?



Our patients find their quality of life dramatically improves after weight-loss surgery. They can do things they never thought possible. Most people report feeling more energetic and sleeping better, along with improved satisfaction with their lives overall.
In addition, weight-loss surgery reduces risks for medical issues such as cancer, liver disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Our team of experienced, dedicated providers work with you every step of the way to help you succeed long term after surgery. We are with you throughout your life to support you in maintaining healthy habits.

Q: Is there anything else I should know before my first appointment?



Our goal is to help you understand the options based on your goals and medical history. We offer an online information session to watch before your appointment. Then, when you come into the clinic, we work together to determine next steps. You are an active participant throughout the decision-making process. We are excited to meet you!

Visit to learn more about Emerson’s Center for Weight Loss Surgery and register for a free information session, or call 978-287-3532 to speak with a member of the weight loss team.