Cured of Severe Abdominal Pain and Back to Eating Game Day Foods

Christopher Schlieve, MD, and Augie Llona

Like many people, Augie Llona of Concord woke up on January 29, 2022, excited to watch the AFC and NFC football championships and eat game day foods. But something was very wrong. Severe abdominal pain and nausea quickly forced Augie to the sidelines.

After a trip to Emerson’s emergency department where the ED doctor suspected gallstones, Augie made an appointment to see Christopher Schlieve, MD, a general surgeon with Emerson’s Walden Surgical Associates.

“He confirmed I suffered from gallstones. His knowledge, expertise, and ability to explain what I experienced gave me confidence. I trusted him,” explains Augie. “He told me I would start to feel better in a few days, and that is exactly what happened.”

“Soon after, Dr. Schlieve performed laparoscopic surgery to remove my gallbladder and ensure the gallstones never disrupt my life again. Everyone at Emerson gave me the highest level of care and support throughout this entire experience. Everybody wanted me to have a great outcome. They got me through a scary situation, and I will rely on and trust Emerson for future medical needs.”

Today, Augie is back to eating pizza, wings, and everything he ate before he got sick. “I feel a close bond to Emerson based on how well they cared for me. They were there when I needed them.”