Shields Imaging Partners with Emerson Hospital


Shields Health Care Group announced recently it has entered a partnership with Emerson Hospital and will begin managing the hospital’s imaging services at both its Concord and Westford locations.

The new joint venture will provide patients with high-quality imaging. Both imaging locations will be managed by Shields, integrating the high-quality technology from Emerson Hospital with superb imaging care from Shields Health Care.

Both locations feature high-strength 1.5T MRI machines, considered to be the gold-standard for imaging, providing physicians and patients with the accuracy needed for the right diagnosis. The Concord location at Emerson Hospital’s main campus has a state-of-the-art 1.5 Tesla Open Bore MRI. It is wider and more spacious than a typical machine, offering patients ample overhead space. This aims to alleviate anxiety from being in an enclosed space, while still preserving image quality.

“This partnership is a true representation of Shields’ mission of innovation and collaboration. It brings together highly skilled Emerson radiologists with Shields’ team of dedicated technologists and medical staff,” says Peter Ferrari, president of Shields Health Care. “Together, we are bringing the highest-quality imaging experience to physicians and patients across the Concord and Westford-area communities.”

The two locations, 133 Old Road in Concord and 133 Littleton Road in Westford, now feature MRI services managed by Shields. As a result, the Emerson Hospital network is added to the referring physician community that stretches across Massachusetts. Patients who trust Shields for their MRI services have new locations to choose from.

“Our partnership with Shields Imaging provides a first-class experience for patients. Emerson’s experienced, board-certified radiologists will continue to read and interpret images 24x7, while Shields’ technologists and medical staff provide patient-centric service,” says Christine Schuster, president and CEO, Emerson Hospital. “We are pleased to team with Shields and offer a winning combination to our patients.” 

Scheduling lines are now open at 800-258-4674. To learn more about the new partnership or schedule online, visit

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