Swinging Back after Hip Surgery


“There is no doubt that Dr. Sloan and his advanced approach helped me recover significantly quicker than expected.”

Fred Dye of Boxborough chose Emerson for hip replacement surgery based on the latest techniques used by fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon Matthew Sloan, MD. Just three days after anterior hip replacement surgery, Fred was walking on his own, without a cane. He is back to his active lifestyle — with no limitations.

“As an avid golfer, I knew something was wrong as I felt pain while rotating my left hip to finish a golf swing. I continued to play golf, but the pain got progressively worse. In October 2021, I was not able to swing a golf club. I could not walk around the block without severe pain, and usually I walked about seven miles every day. I knew I needed expert help.”

Experienced Care and Latest Techniques

“I had an appointment with Paul Re, MD, orthopedic surgeon, as a follow-up for my prior shoulder surgery, and I told him about the pain in my hip. He referred me to Dr. Sloan because he specializes in hip and knee replacement surgeries using the latest techniques.”

"I met with Dr. Sloan and was impressed. He is highly qualified and performed hundreds of joint replacement surgeries during his training at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He gave me a thorough exam and did an X-ray that confirmed I had stage three osteoarthritis in my hip. Because I was in good shape, Dr. Sloan thought I was a candidate for anterior hip replacement surgery, the latest approach.”

Benefits Of Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

During an anterior hip replacement procedure, the surgeon works between the muscle rather than cutting through them and results in these benefits:

  • Faster recovery. Patients walk unassisted sooner than with the traditional approach.
  • Less tissue damage.
  • Lower risk for hip dislocation.
  • Reduced pain after surgery. Patients require fewer narcotics during recovery.

Faster than Expected Recovery

“I scheduled my surgery at Emerson for early December, setting aside the entire winter to fully recover. It turns out I did not need that long! On day three after surgery, I walked up and down the stairs in my home and walked a quarter mile outside — all without a cane. The strength and flexibility in my leg and hip are normal, and I walk without pain.”

"Dr. Sloan calls me a rock star patient, but he is the rock star surgeon. I continue to feel great, and I am fully back to my regular activities, including picking up my two-year-old grandson and chasing him around.

"A golfing buddy of mine had similar surgery at a different hospital around the same time I did. I recovered faster — we will see how that plays out on the golf course this season. There is no doubt that Dr. Sloan and his advanced approach helped me recover significantly quicker than expected. He, along with his staff, everyone in the OR, and the Emerson physical therapist who came to my home after surgery were skilled and knew their jobs exceptionally well. Thanks to them, this golf season might be my best one yet! More importantly, my quality of life is improved.”

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About Dr. Matthew Sloan

Dr. Sloan is a surgeon with Orthopedic Affiliates. Appointments with Dr. Sloan are available in both Westford and Concord. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Sloan please visit this page or call 978-369-5391.



The outpatient physical therapy team at Emerson’s Clough Family Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapies Center in Concord and Westford helps patients quickly get back on their feet after joint replacement surgery.

Working collaboratively with patients and their surgeons, therapists customize exercise programs and guide a return to activities based on the patient’s life and fitness goals. Treatment may include aquatic therapy in the center’s warm water pool to promote range of motion and strengthening. For more information, visit emersonhospital.org/rehab.

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