We Are Emerson Health

Emerson Health

Emerson Hospital has proudly served our community for more than a century. With hundreds of doctors serving over 300,000 patients across the region, we have grown to be more than a hospital you go to when you are sick. We are here to keep you well.

At Emerson, our strong connection to our community and patients enables us to deliver the best possible care. We know Emerson is special. That is why we rebranded to tell our story. We are Emerson Health, and we are proud to serve our community with excellence, personalized.

Emerson Health — Excellence Personalized

It is easy to feel lost in the world of healthcare. When you need help, you want professionals who bring their best and understand you. The expertise you are looking for is available right here, close to home.

At Emerson Health:​

  • We understand that healthcare is personal. ​
  • We put patients first. ​
  • We take time to listen. ​
  • We see our patients as people, not their condition. ​

We are here for patients through every stage of life. Our new logo reflects the care continuum, starting at the center and taking us through life’s journey. ​Our green colors represent our commitment​ to personalized care, and our blue colors reflect the excellence that we deliver.