5 Tips to Boost Your Zoom Confidence

By Joanna Ng-Glazier, MD, Emerson Plastic Surgery Associates

With the increased use of Zoom and other virtual connection platforms, Joanna Ng-Glazier, MD, of Emerson Plastic Surgery Associates provides five tips on how you can optimize your appearance when the computer camera is on.

1) LIGHTING — Avoid having a window or bright light directly behind you. Switch your room setup if needed! When the light is facing you directly, your face appears brighter and sharper.

2) BACKGROUND — A darker background or an aesthetically pleasing color will highlight your face. Simple or solid patterns and textures (such as an unfinished brick wall) with one piece of art hanging or a plant can provide some flair without significant distraction. You want to avoid backgrounds that are too overwhelming (like a full or overcrowded bookshelf) as this can divert attention away from you.

3) POSITIONING — Set your camera at eye-level to accentuate your best features. If there is too much of an upward or downward angle, this can distort your appearance and create unwanted dark lines and shadows or focus attention to the bottom of your nose or mouth. Sit at an arms-length distance from the camera. If you are too far away from your webcam, you may appear too small for your background. If you are too close to your webcam, this can create a “fishbowl effect” and make parts of your face appear larger or wider than they really are.

4) APPEARANCE — Even if you are not going into the office, keep your appearance positive, including caring for your teeth and hair. If you prefer to wear earrings or makeup at home, continue to do so! It is common to start focusing on your face or colleagues’ faces when you are on camera all day.

We have seen an increase in patients interested in re-piercing ears that have closed during the pandemic, fixing earring holes that have become elongated, or removing other lumps or moles. Wrinkles and dark shadows, which are natural with aging, can also be more prominent on camera, and we have also seen an increased interest in Botox and filler injections, which can smooth out and soften your appearance, including the dark circles under your eyes, the nose, cheeks, jaw, and neckline without the need for surgery.

5) SKIN TIPS/AVOIDING “MASKNE” — Keep up a good skin care regimen. Take mask breaks when possible. Keep hydrated throughout the day and use sunscreen when outdoors, even in the winter. A daily cleanser and moisturizer with or without vitamin C or niacin can be helpful. Once weekly exfoliation can help turn over the top layer of dead skin cells and improve your natural glow. Feel free to indulge in a chemical peel, facial, or laser treatment once in a while if it makes you feel good!

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