Allergies, Cold, Flu or COVID-19? How to Tell the Difference


With every sneeze, cough or tickle in the throat, many people wonder: Do I have COVID-19? Learn how to tell the difference.

42 Family Activities for Spring


Here are 42 springtime activities that are sure to provide some family fun.

Carol Regains Control of Her Life


After losing control of her digestive system, Carol found herself stuck at home. But with help from Emerson’s advanced gastroenterology team, she is back to enjoying her active lifestyle.

7 Sleep Tips to Help You Catch More Z’s


A lack of sleep can lead to health issues such as depression, forgetfulness, and even heart disease. These tips for a good night’s sleep will help you feel energized and ready for the day.

How to Find a Primary Care Doctor That’s Right for You


Are you searching for a new primary care doctor? Here are some key things to consider when evaluating prospective physician practices.

Advanced Care and the Great Outdoors Help Local Ranger Recover from Breast Cancer


Newly diagnosed with breast cancer and having just moved to the Concord area, Jennifer found the compassionate, personal care she needed at the Mass General Cancer Center at Emerson – Bethke.

Letting Go: Find Freedom from Hoarding


Learn more about the difference between hoarding and simply having a cluttered home, as well as when professional help may be necessary.

Colonoscopies Save Lives: What to Expect During Your Colon Cancer Screening


The best way to prevent colon cancer is by finding and removing precancerous polyps through a colonoscopy. Here is what patients will experience before, during and after a screening.

Alice’s Heart Mended After Receiving Cardiac Care at Emerson Health


Alice knew something was wrong when she had trouble breathing and became dizzy. With help from Emerson’s cardiac team, she now has a renewed focus on her health as she lives an active life.

Announcing the Emerson Health 2023 Community Benefit Grant Recipients


Financial grants were recently awarded to 16 local nonprofit organizations to improve community health through Emerson Health's fourth annual Community Benefit Grant Program.

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