In addition to a partial hospitalization program as well as access to support groups, Emerson’s Addictions Recovery Program offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT), a proven, evidence-based approach to treating and managing the disease of addiction. MAT can help decrease the risk of relapse for those in recovery, prevent overdose, and ultimately save lives.

Patients seeking medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders at Emerson will first meet with Dr. Stephanie Stratigos, the medical director for our Addictions Recovery Program, to discuss their medical history and lifestyle to determine if medication or other treatments, such as therapy or more intensive programs, would be the best approach.

Medication may not be the best treatment for some patients, but for those who do utilize MAT Dr. Stratigos may prescribe suboxone, naltrexone, vivitrol or sublocade and will provide information on how to take the medication, side effects, and the recovery process. Patients may need to come monthly for an injection or take an oral medication at home. Often, patients are in the program for six months or more.

Patients seeking treatment for a substance use disorder will also receive counseling and behavioral therapies in an effort to identify and treat mood disorders or other behavioral health issues, such as depression or anxiety, that might be exacerbating drug or alcohol abuse.

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