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Hospitalists See More
When you are hospitalized at Emerson Hospital, your care is overseen by a doctor called a hospitalist—an internal medicine physician who focuses solely on the medical care of hospitalized patients. 

A hospitalist will see you each day and night you are in the hospital, and is available throughout the day to answer questions from you and your family.

If it is your child who is hospitalized, you will be glad to know that Emerson Hospital also has a team of pediatric hospitalists who understand the unique needs of our youngest patients.

The advantages of being cared for by a hospitalist

There is tremendous peace of mind knowing that a doctor is overseeing all your care while you are in the hospital:
  • The hospitalists at Emerson work as a team, sharing information on all hospitalized patients under their care
  • They are available day and night, and are accessible in case of emergencies or whenever concerns arise
  • You and your family have a single point of contact when you have questions about your care 
  • The hospitalist team is familiar with all departments within the hospital and can efficiently coordinate needed care, ensuring fast turnaround of tests and treatments
  • The hospitalist will evaluate your condition and communicate with your primary care doctor about treatment and progress, ensuring a smooth transition after you are discharged from the hospital

What if I need a primary care doctor?

If you do not have a primary care doctor at the time you are discharged, the attending hospitalist can help you find an Emerson primary care physician who is taking new patients. This ensures the most efficient continuity of care to keep you as healthy as possible.

Expert, Personalized Care Puts Gavin and His Mom at Ease

“I had complete confidence in our medical team and we felt their love. We knew these were the people to get Gavin back to good health,” reflects the mom of a young Emerson patient.

Lifesaving Care and Advanced Therapies Help Young Girl Recover from Stroke

“We knew our child was sick, but we did not know what we were dealing with. The Emerson ED team was there for us,” explains the dad of a young girl whose visit to the emergency department revealed a severe brain infection.

Emerson Hospital Awarded for Quality and Patient Safety

Learn about Emerson’s latest patient safety and quality awards from Healthgrades, The Leap Frog Group and the Women’s Choice Award. Emerson earned the highest honors for obstetrics, orthopedics, and more!