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When your child is hospitalized at Emerson Hospital, there is tremendous peace of mind in knowing that a pediatric hospitalist is on site 24/7 to monitor and coordinate every aspect of your child’s care.

Emerson’s pediatric hospitalists are doctors who are board-certified in pediatrics and work at the hospital 24/7. They serve as your child’s attending doctor, working closely with medical, surgical, and emergency medicine specialists to make sure each young inpatient receives well-coordinated, compassionate care.

You can count on our pediatric hospitalists to:

  • Provide expert care for a wide range of childhood illnesses
  • Communicate and collaborate with your child’s regular pediatrician
  • Work closely with other specialists who are treating your child in the hospital
  • Be available to answer any questions you have about your child’s care
  • Ensure that your child can come home as quickly and safely as possible

Our pediatric hospitalists work closely with our Pediatric Intervention team, whose mission is to provide for the emotional wellbeing of children and families encountering the hospital environment.

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