Parkinson’s Resource Library

The following recordings are from past virtual education sessions put on by the Parkinson's Program at Emerson Hospital. To learn more about these sessions or how our program can help you or someone you love, please email us at

December 2022 Session


Parkinson’s and Sleep
Presented by Gary Stanton, MD


November 2022 Session


Now’s the Time. Make Your Own Care Plan
Presented by Ellen DiPaola, Honoring Choices Massachusetts


September 2022 Session


Pole Walking & Parkinson's Disease
Presented by Julie Lorden, PT, DPT, and Heather Mistry, PT, DPT


August 2022 Session


Parkinson’s Disease Treatment
Presented by Katherine Lee, PharmD, BCPS, and Angelika Krevat, PharmD, BCPS


July 2022 Session


Parkinson’s Disease and Dizziness
Presented by Naseem Chatiwala, PT, DPT, MS, NCS


June 2022 Session


Parkinson’s Disease and Vision
Presented by Nicole Kelly, MS, OTR/L


May 2022 Session


Dance for PD: Medicine for the Body, the Brain and the Heart
Presented by Susanne Liebich


April 2022 Sessions


Fine Motor Control in the Parkinson's Patient
Presented by Kyleigh Wells, OTR/L


March 2022 Session


Benefits of Yoga
Presented by Meghan Kwartler, Director of Yoga Programming at WellBeing Fitness


February 2022 Sessions


HIIT and Parkinson's Disease: Exercising with Purpose
Presented by outpatient physical therapists Liz Chausee, PT, DPT, and Heather Mistry, PT, DPT


Aware in Care Ambassador
Presented by Liz Brouillard, Aware in Care Ambassador with the Parkinson’s Foundation


January 2022 Sessions


Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Parkinson’s Disease
Presented by Anna Benedix, PT, DPT, WCS, CLT and Noam Eitan, PT, DPT


An Overview of Parkinson’s Support Groups
Presented by Liz Lyng, PDSG Coordinator at Newbury Court


December 2021 Session


Tai Chi
Presented by Jane Moss


October 2021 Session


Singing With Parkinson's
Presented by Jay Lane from Concord Conservatory of Music


September 2021 Session


Cognitive Changes in Parkinson’s and Functional Strategies to Support the Patient and Caregiver
Presented by Courtney Robinson, MS, CCC-SLP


July 2021 Session


Everyday Mindfulness for People and Families Living with PD
Presented by Brenda Lovette, MS, CCC-SLP


Rock Steady Boxing and PD Plus
Presented by Linda Holland, PT, and Elizabeth Ling, ACE, CPT


June 2021 Sessions


Safety in the Home
Presented by Nicole Johnson, PT, DPT


Sleep and Parkinson's Disease
Presented by Gary Stanton, MD


May 2021 Sessions


Parkinson’s Disease Treatment
Presented by Angelika Krevat, PharmD, BCPS, and Katherine Lee, PharmD, BCPS


PT for PD: When to See a Physical Therapist
Presented by Samantha Indigaro, PT, DPT


April 2021 Sessions


Speech Language Pathology and Parkinson's Disease
Presented by Joy Walsh, MS, CCC-SLP


Driving Well With Parkinson's Disease
Presented by Kristen Dixon Keilty, MS, OTR/L, PDI, CDRS


March 2021 Sessions


Eating Smart for Parkinson's
Presented by Zainab Kazmi, MS, RDN


Parkinson’s Movement: Dance for PD
Presented by Susanne Liebich