Emerson’s certified pelvic health specialists have put together these resources for people to learn more about pelvic floor dysfunction and how our therapists approach treatment. Questions about this material? Please don't hesitate to contact your physical therapist or call our offices at 978-287-8200.


Early Postpartum Exercise Guidelines

Their are many changes that a pregnant person's body undergoes during the three distinct prenatal trimesters. After delivery, it generally takes about nine to twelve months to recover from these changes, regardless of how your baby was delivered. During this time, exercises designed to reestablish core strength — meaning your abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles and breathing mechanics — allow the body to restore efficient muscle control and minimize risk of chronic pain, bladder problems and/or bowel problems.

Helpful Documents

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Listen to therapist Rachel Kim, PT, DPT, discusses pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction, including how common these conditions are and treatment options, in this Health Works Here podcast.

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