Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

You Are Not Alone

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also known as an enlarged prostate, is a common, not life-threatening condition that often happens in older men when their prostate gland enlarges. BPH typically leads to difficulty urinating and increased frequency. The condition is part of the aging process and is due to changes in the body’s levels of the male hormone testosterone. More than 50 percent of men aged 50 and older and 90 percent of men aged 80 and older have BPH.

If you have any of these symptoms, you are not alone. Our experienced team of board-certified urologists will discuss your goals with you and create a care plan that best supports your lifestyle.

Symptoms of BPH

  • Frequent need to urinate during the day and at night
  • Weak or slow stream
  • Feeling like you are not able to completely empty your bladder
  • Difficulty or delay in starting to urinate
  • Urgent feeling of needing to urinate
  • A urine stream that stops and starts

If you have any of these symptoms, you should request an appointment with Emerson Health Urology.


Back to Living Life the Way You Want To

At Emerson Health Urology, experienced experts are on your team to offer a variety of long-lasting options, beyond medication. Our urologists are skilled in treating BPH using the latest procedures, often right in the office. These procedures reduce your BPH symptoms while maintaining male function, so you can get back to doing what you love. Your urologist will partner with you, discuss options, and work closely to best meet your goals.

From non-surgical measures — including medication — to the most advanced minimally-invasive procedures, our urologists provide the expert care and treatments to reduce your symptoms and get you back to living life the way you want to.

Treating an Enlarged Prostate

Our experienced urologists offer a variety of the latest options to help patients with BPH regain an active lifestyle, with fewer trips to the bathroom. Below are some of the advanced procedures offered. Your urologist will discuss options with you and help you choose the best procedure based on your medical history and lifestyle goals.

GreenLight™ Laser Therapy

GreenLight Laser Therapy treats BPH by removing unnecessary prostate tissue through vaporization. During the procedure, your urologist uses a laser to remove extra prostate tissue and restore your natural urine flow.

I evaluated the options closely with Dr. Liou and my wife. I chose to have GreenLight to treat my BPH because of its long-term effectiveness. It was a very smooth experience and I went home right after the procedure, without needing a catheter. Today I am doing well and am pleased with the decision.
Lehel, patient who had the Greenlight procedure

Rezūm™ Water Vapor Therapy

Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy treats excess prostate tissue that causes BPH. During the minimally-invasive procedure, the urologist uses natural energy in steam to shrink the prostate so that urine can flow freely.

Many men in their 60s have BPH; it is something we all experience. I talked with Dr. Liou and he explained the treatment options in a way that was easy for me to understand. He has a tremendous bedside manner, explains everything, and is truthful. I chose the Rezum procedure because it was quick and not invasive. The Emerson staff are amazing and I received great care. I work full time on my feet selling wine. I would not have been able to make customers happy without the procedure. I am grateful for the care I received at Emerson Urology. They got me back to living an active life.
Jerold, patient who had the Rezum office procedure


The UroLift System uses a minimally-invasive approach to treat BPH that lifts and holds up the enlarged prostate tissue so that the tissue no longer blocks the urethra and you can pass urine normally.

I was exhausted from not getting enough sleep every night due to multiple trips to the bathroom. This lasted for over six months. I had the UroLift procedure done by Dr. Schloss in the office, and within a week I was sleeping through the night and back to normal. Having UroLift was truly a life-altering experience. I am well-rested and very glad I had the procedure.
Rich, patient who had the UroLift office procedure

Other BPH Treatment Options

In addition to these treatments, you may be a candidate for other BPH procedures, including transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). During this procedure, your urologist will use a special tool to remove excess tissue that prevents urine from leaving the bladder. Prostatectomy procedures are available as well.


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