​The Emerson Hospital Center for Weight Loss is respected not only for its work helping patients reclaim their health, it is also at the forefront of surgical weight loss research.

The center’s medical director, David Lautz, MD, has made notable advances in minimally-invasive endoscopic techniques. As co-principal investigator, he also led a National Institutes of Health study investigating the effectiveness of bariatric surgery in treating diabetic patients with a lower body mass index (BMI).

In addition, Dr. Lautz has co-authored dozens of peer-reviewed articles about bariatric surgery in leading medical journals, addressing such topics as:

  • Defining best practices in bariatric surgery
  • The impact of lap-band size on weight loss and whether gender matters
  • Whether medicine or surgery is best for the patient with type 2 diabetes
  • Patient safety in weight-loss surgery
  • Predicting weight regain after gastric bypass
  • Perioperative nursing care of the bariatric surgery patient
  • Why surgery remains the most effective treatment for obesity

For help accessing a specific article or report, please contact the Center for Weight Loss at 978-287-3532.