Fellowship mission

The Emerson Health Administrative Fellowship Program affords early careerists a “hands-on” comprehensive experience in healthcare/practice management. While being mentored by senior leaders, Fellows work alongside physicians and clinical professionals as well as administrative and clinical support staff to garner a “first-hand” experience of the healthcare system.

The Fellow will utilize these experiences while further enhancing their leadership and subject matter competencies necessary to transition into management positions within a structured and supportive environment.

The Fellowship experience will provide future leaders with a foundation of operational excellence necessary for high level strategic decision-making as Fellows progress into positions of increased scope and responsibility.

Fellowship Structure

The Administrative Fellowship with Emerson Health is a physician practice based fellowship that begins with a hands-on experience whereby fellows gain an understanding of the “front lines” while working closely with Emerson leaders in ambulatory care. The fellowship consists of three major phases which build upon each other with the goal of preparing the fellow for a leadership role in physician management.


Phase 1: Enhancement & Application of Subject Matter Expertise

Phase one consists of a hands-on operational experience for the fellow to develop subject matter expertise in practice operations. During this phase, the fellow will be exposed to practice operations, governmental and third-party payors, patient communication, insurance referrals and authorization management, as well as participation in physician and leadership meetings. Additional subject matter is also gained through this phase and the remainder of the fellowship.

Phase 2: Refine Management Acumen

Building upon the subject matter experience from phase 1, the expectation is that the fellow will further develop competencies within practice management such as: revenue cycle management, human resource management, process improvement, and interdisciplinary communication. Previous projects include: vendor selection and management, coordinating with consulting firms, space management & renovation planning, staff recruitment and interviewing, as well as working alongside practice leadership to engage in difficult conversations, assist with payroll administration, and observe employee reviews.

Phase 3: Demonstrate Practice Leadership

The expectation is to leverage the prior phases and competencies to perform front line management and leadership activities. Previous experiences in this phase have been practice management, contract analysis, and provider onboarding.