Executive & Physician Testimonials


Christine SchusterChristine Schuster, RN, MBA, President and Chief Executive Officer, Emerson Hospital
The Administrative Fellowship program at Emerson Hospital provides an outstanding opportunity for talented future health care executives to work closely with senior leaders on a wide range of projects throughout the organization. Under the guidance of the preceptor, fellows will be at the forefront of daily challenges, strategic initiatives, and critical decision making. They will complete meaningful project work, foster their leadership style, and receive valuable mentorship.

Eric StastnyEric Stastny, MHA, Senior Vice President of Operations and Chief Operating Officer
The fellowship program at Emerson Health will provide a broad overview of healthcare operations.  Fellows will have the opportunity to work closely with teams in areas such as finance, operations, quality improvement, strategic planning and practice management.  This exposure is critical for fellows as they begin their healthcare leadership journey and understanding how different facets of healthcare administration collaborate to deliver high quality care.

Craig BestCraig Best, MD, MPH, FACOGPresident of Emerson Practice Associates and Senior Vice President of Emerson Health
The administrative fellowship at Emerson Health provides an excellent opportunity for those interested in a management career in healthcare. This fellowship under the supervision of seasoned healthcare executive and Vice President of Emerson Practice Associates, Craig Nesta JD, MBA, MS provides hands on experience with physician practice management. It provides insights into the complexities of managing an office practice and a view of the different stakeholders involved – patients, staff, physicians, referring providers, hospital. Anyone seeking a career in healthcare administration should consider this fellowship.

Mark MahnfeldtMark Mahnfeldt, RN-BC, MBA, MSN NEC-A, Vice President of Patient Care and Chief Nursing Officer
In my experience, the Emerson Health Executive Fellowship Program stands as an excellent opportunity in healthcare leadership training for anyone looking to chart a path in healthcare administration. The immersive experience, coupled with hands-on work, provides fellows with the necessary exposure to the complexities and nuances of health administration. Having had the opportunity to work closely with some of the candidates, this experience help provide them with a deep understanding of the industry's challenges that help shape and translate theory into impactful strategies. To anyone aspiring to shape the future of healthcare, this program offers a robust foundation and a network that willingly supports ongoing growth. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Renee Fosberg, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Emerson Hospital
The fellowship program at Emerson provides great visibility into the skill sets needed to manage hospital and physician practices. Engaging stakeholders, addressing operational issues while executing on strategic priorities is an acquired skill and one that can only be gained with hands-on practical experience. Our fellows truly become immersed in the organization. Having worked directly with the team, I can speak first hand to the value the program provides, not only to our fellows but to our leadership team. Having a secondary resource working at the elbow with you, offering a fresh perspective, and problem solving to accomplish the task at hand creates a true a sense of accomplishment for both parties.

Michael Hachey, CPA, Former Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Emerson Hospital
The Administrative Fellowship program at Emerson provides individuals with meaningful, real-life experience in the physician practice management arena. The value to Emerson of this program has been meaningful because the individuals get engaged in significant initiatives that provide a wonderful experience to the individuals seeking a career in physician practice management.

Jackie Clancy, Vice President, Strategic Marketing
I greatly enjoy working with our administrative fellowship team. Our fellows are valued peers who work hands-on to support both strategy and day-to-day tactics. Administrative fellows at Emerson are fully ingrained in our operations, which provides the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. The value of a community setting is the ability to work closely with leaders throughout every area of the health system. I appreciate the fresh perspective they bring to the table.

Matt Thomas, Director, Practice Management, Emerson Practice Associates
Partnering with graduate trained administrative fellows has been a rewarding experience for my role in practice management and my professional development. I have found that the administrative fellows not only bring initiative and a passion for health care management, they also contribute to organizational achievements and propel change that benefits both the patients and organization. I have learned that the fellow and preceptor relationship is mutual, and both benefit from the relationship and experience. Although I have served in management positions typically more years than the fellow, the fellow educates me on new trends and management applications the fellow was taught in their education. The fellow and I work together to help the fellow apply the tools and concepts they learned during their classroom training to the work environment.


Peter M. Barkin, MDPulmonary Medicine and Critical Care Medicine
The fellows have assisted in easing the transition from private practice to hospital-based practice, the addition of a physician new to practice, and the use of an office and our suite by a physician from a different specialty. They have addressed all of the concerns of the office staff with these substantial changes. All of this has gone smoothly with their capable assistance.

Sunita Hanjura, MDInternal Medicine
The Administrative Fellowship Program at Emerson Hospital provides a great learning opportunity for the management and support of a multi-specialty group of employed physicians. Fellows gain experience in contracting, revenue cycle, and day-to-day medical office operations. In addition, they can assist with a variety of special projects that may come up. The fellows have recently helped our office integrate telehealth services into our practice. The program also provides broad access to senior management, which is an invaluable education. Our office has certainly enjoyed working with the fellows!

Julian Lel, MDPulmonary Medicine and Critical Care Medicine
As a physician, I have truly appreciated having the fellows on board. They are readily available to troubleshoot any issue and keep the practice running smoothly. The office staff is very grateful to have assistance that is so eager and able to tackle whatever comes their way. This support removes a lot of stress from their jobs.

Jennifer Nayor, MDGastroenterology
The administrative fellows have been a great asset in my office. They work closely with the office staff to help the practice run smoothly and efficiently. It is a great hands-on learning experience.



Russell Zide, MD, FSVMInternal Medicine
The Administrative Fellowship Program is an enormous asset to the Emerson community, while simultaneously a fabulous educational experience for our fellows. Over almost two years now I have had the pleasure of working “shoulder to shoulder” with several of the fellows. Each fellow is immersed into all aspects of multi-specialty practice management, and often participates in hospital projects. We really work together as a team, sharing projects and often learning from each other. Over the course of each fellow’s tenure they have many opportunities to work directly with all members of senior leadership and medical leadership. With over 20 years of clinical and administrative responsibilities, I can honestly say that the fellowship program affords each fellow an extraordinary journey in health care management.