Botox: Your Questions Answered


What is Botox?

Botox is an injectable treatment performed in the office used to address and soften the appearance of wrinkles in the facial area. It is FDA-approved to target the forehead, vertical “11s” between the eyes, and your smile lines.

How does it work?

Botox temporarily weakens the facial muscles responsible for creating wrinkles. As you age, these wrinkles become deeper and more permanent. When these muscles are weakened, they do not work as hard, thereby improving the appearance of your wrinkles.

What age should I start thinking about Botox?

Age does not determine when Botox is right for you. Patients will start Botox treatments as early as their 20s, and as late as their 70s. It is generally a safe procedure that can be done at any age. When you decide to start, and how frequently you receive injections is completely up to you, and can be influenced by your goals and desires, your skin quality, sun damage, and other factors.

Is it permanent?

Botox is not permanent — if you like the way this looks and feels, you may want to plan to have injections every several months as desired. You can expect to see results 3-10 days after injection, and they may last up to an average of 3-4 months.

What can I expect during my visit?

Your plastic surgeon will discuss your treatment goals and perform a complete facial analysis to determine the appropriate treatment areas and how much Botox you will need. You will also complete a quick screening questionnaire to see if you are a good candidate for the injection. Some patients report that getting Botox feels like a pinch. Your doctor may use ice to numb the treatment area.

How can I learn more?

Contact Emerson Health Plastic Surgery at 978-371-5380 for more information and to schedule a consultation or treatment with plastic surgeon Joanna Ng-Glazier, MD, FACS. She performs all the Botox injections in her practice and has treated many satisfied patients. She will be happy to answer your questions and personalize your treatment plan based on your individual goals.