George and Jean Wiltsee Share a Deep Appreciation for Emerson


As a volunteer at Emerson, George Wiltsee transported patients to all corners of the hospital. “When I reached 2,000 hours of volunteer work, they took my picture,” he says with a laugh. “Volunteering is worthwhile. I think a lot of Emerson, and it was good exercise.” The couple has served as corporators since the 1980s.
When George’s transport assignment took him to the sixth floor, he often took note of room 615, named for Mr. Wiltsee and his wife, Jean. The couple established a gift annuity with Emerson that helped refurbish room 615. As a result, they receive guaranteed, lifetime income while supporting Emerson. “It’s a smart thing to do,” says Mr. Wiltsee about their planned gift.
“For example, a stock that has appreciated in value but is not producing any yield can be a lovely way to give to Emerson. You avoid paying a capital gains tax on the stock while you get an income tax deduction on the gift”
It was Mrs. Wiltsee who provided the original connection with Emerson. “I’ve always been interested in hospitals; medicine is fascinating to me,” she says. “I know that Emerson is a very good hospital. It has a wonderful, welcoming attitude.”
Once her husband began joining Mrs. Wiltsee at corporator meetings, his interest in the hospital grew, and he was soon nominated to become a corporator. “I think Emerson has fine management and fine doctors,” he says. “In recent years, the hospital has increased its level of skill and capability.”
Mr. Wiltsee retired in 1991, after having enjoyed two totally different careers. After 21 years with Procter & Gamble — most of them spent overseas — he took a position at his alma mater, Harvard Business School, where he helped run its prestigious Executive Education Programs. “My work included developing new programs for senior health care executives,” he notes.
As residents of Newbury Court in Concord, the couple appreciate the proximity of Emerson. “They’ve got good folks over there at Emerson,” says Mr. Wiltsee. “It’s wonderful to have the hospital nearby and we are pleased to support it.”