Volunteering at Emerson

Make a difference in your community

Emerson Hospital is fortunate to have more volunteers per bed than any other hospital in Massachusetts. Yet even with more than 500 adult and student volunteers representing 38 towns, we still need your help. It’s more important than ever for our community to come together — and there’s no better place than your local hospital.

Volunteers are what make our community great:

  • The average adult volunteer gives 125 hours to Emerson per year

  • Approximately one quarter of our volunteers have served at Emerson for more than 10 years

  • Our volunteers provide an invaluable service in 50 different service areas

Ready to make a difference at Emerson Hospital?

Start by learning about our Adult Volunteer Program or Student Volunteer Program, and then call 978-287-3200 or email Janet at jadavis@emersonhosp.org to sign up.

Adult Volunteer Program

To volunteer, you must commit to a minimum of four consecutive hours per week and 100 hours for one full year. A personal interview with our volunteer director will determine where your skills, interest and availability best fit. You’ll be required to attend an orientation and will receive on-the-job training for your specific assignment.

Adult volunteers perform a wide range of duties in the following areas:

  • Administrative and support units

  • Clerical

  • Gift shop

  • Patient representatives

  • Reception desk

  • Reiki

  • Transport

Student Volunteer Program

To volunteer, a student must be at least 14 years of age or in high school, and willing to perform 80 hours of community service. If selected, students may volunteer during the school year or summer program.

School Year Program

Students can volunteer on weekends either during the school year or all year long on Saturday or Sunday mornings (9  a.m. – 1 p.m.) or afternoons (1–5 p.m.). All shifts are for four hours and student volunteers are expected every week.

Summer Program

Students must volunteer 8–10 hours per week to achieve 80 hours over the summer, usually one full day or two half-days per week. This program begins in the spring with a two-hour mandatory orientation program.

Student volunteers perform a wide range of duties in the following areas:

  • Gift shop

  • Office support

  • Reception desk

  • Transport

Maturity, dependability and confidentiality are essential qualities we seek in prospective volunteers. This is a popular volunteer program, so students are encouraged to call the Community Service Office at 978-287-3200 to put their name on the waiting list.

If accepted, you will be required to attend a new-volunteer orientation class and complete 12 hours of on-the-job training. The orientation covers program expectations, confidentiality regulations, dress code and hospital safety regulations. All volunteers must complete a health visit, which includes TB testing and a blood titer (test).

Ready to volunteer? Call 978-287-3200 or send an email to jadavis@emersonhosp.org.

Volunteering with the Auxiliary

The Auxiliary of Emerson Hospital is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to supporting the community and enhancing the patient experience at Emerson Hospital. The Auxiliary offers numerous volunteer opportunities designed to fit a wide range of interests and availability. Examples may include event planning, fundraising, crafting handmade patient care items, computer work, photography, public relations at community events, graphic design and more. There is no minimum time commitment and membership is not required to volunteer.

More Information on Volunteering with the Auxiliary