Exciting Opportunities for People with Parkinson’s Disease


One of the most challenging aspects for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) is living a full life despite having increasingly reduced mobility. Movement and dance classes have proven to offer many positive benefits for people with PD. Emerson’s Steinberg Wellness Center for Mind and Body is fortunate to have on staff Susanne Liebich, the only person in Massachusetts who is certified in Dance for PD by the Mark Morris Dance Group.

With more than 20 years of experience as a movement instructor, Susanne teaches Parkinson’s Movement: Dance for PD at the Wellness Center.

“I guide participants in movement that is graceful, artistic, creative, mindful, and joyful,” Susanne explains. “This translates into body awareness and more self-confidence, which enhances balance and gait.”

Class participants add that the classes keep their minds and bodies active, while reducing loneliness that can lead to depression. “Since attending the classes, I feel more confident to move about. The class fosters friendships. We encourage each other, learn, and have fun together,” says Carole Costello from Marlborough, who received a probable diagnosis of PD in 2016.

Emerson is expanding its focus on caring for people with PD. A Parkinson’s Disease Center of Excellence will soon open at Emerson. It will offer special clinic days when PD patients can see specialists, such as neurologists and rehabilitation professionals, take nutrition and wellness classes, and even receive transportation. Stay tuned for more information!

Parkinson’s Disease Wellness Classes

Emerson’s Steinberg Wellness Center has these classes to help increase mobility:

  • Dance
  • Tai chi
  • Yoga
  • Massage therapy

To register for classes, visit emersonwellness.org or call 978-287-3777.

Parkinson’s Disease Rehabilitation Programs

Emerson’s Clough Family Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapies offers programs led by physical, occupational, and speech therapists for those with PD. Classes include:

  • Fitness for People with Parkinson’s
  • Loud Crowd groups where students work on speech and communication skills
  • Brace and wheelchair clinics
  • Pelvic health therapy
  • Safe-driver evaluations

Schedule an appointment or learn more at 978-287-8200.