Heart Care (Cardiology)

Heart Care (Cardiology)

With a team of expert, fellowship-trained cardiologists and established affiliations with leading tertiary hospitals in the Boston area, Emerson Hospital offers comprehensive heart care in a convenient, close-to-home setting.

You can count on us for an array of services designed to reduce the impact of heart disease and improve quality of life through prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cardiac rehabilitation.

The heart care services we provide at Emerson 

Emerson’s team of cardiologists provides specialized cardiac care for patients of all ages. From preventive initiatives to manage heart disease risk factors to interventions for heart rhythm disorders to cardiac rehab after a heart attack, your heart is in good hands at Emerson. The services we provide include:

Support services and groups for people with heart disease

Emerson Hospital also offers a variety of complementary specialty services to help people manage conditions that contribute or are related to heart disease. These include:

State-of-the-art cardiac care facilities

Should you or a loved one require hospitalization, Emerson Hospital has invested in advanced technology and resources to provide the best-possible cardiac care:
  • A dedicated Coronary Care Unit (CCU) where patients with serious heart problems are closely monitored and receive specialized, individual care from board-certified cardiologists and nurses with advanced training in cardiac care
  • For patients with heart-related conditions who require monitoring but do not need the intensive nursing care of the CCU, every one of Emerson’s 179 beds is equipped with state-of-the-art Telemetry equipment, which continuously monitors patients’ heart rates and rhythms 

Quality heart care, quality outcomes

At Emerson Hospital, we take our commitment to quality care seriously. That is why we closely measure and monitor how we do in complying with key measures related to care quality and good patient outcomes. You can see how we are doing here.

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