Pediatric Therapy at Emerson Hospital

Family centered integrated therapy for children of all ages

At the Clough Family Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapies, we provide pediatric outpatient evaluation and therapy services for children from birth through adolescence. Our team consists of occupational, physical, speech-language, and feeding therapists who work together to support your child in all areas of development. All services are individualized and utilize a family-centered model, supporting children to achieve goals important to you as a family. Come and experience the Emerson difference confident in the knowledge that your child will receive expert care by seasoned therapists.

Pediatric services are available at our two outpatient locations in Concord and Westford, as well as via telehealth. For more information or to schedule an appointment at either location, please call 978-287-8200.


Our pediatric occupational therapists have expertise in treating and supporting children to become independent in daily activities and routines at school, home, and in the community. We support and develop a child’s skills including feeding, fine motor, visual motor, sensory processing, coordination, and body regulation. Therapies are provided one-on-one with your child in both our pediatric gym or in individual treatment spaces. Caregivers are encouraged to take part in sessions to support generalization of skills at home.

Sensory Processing

Our pediatric occupational therapists utilize evidenced-based treatment approaches in one of our sensory gyms. We work with both the child and their caregivers to provide strategies and activities that support your child to regulate their behaviors and moods, and to gain the coordination needed to move easily through the world.

Fine Motor Skills

Our therapists assist your child in developing strength, posture and the coordination needed for participation in activities at school and home. Skill development may include writing, grasping, scissor use, shoe tying, completing fasteners, and many more.

Activities of Daily Living

Our strategies and goals support children becoming independent in self-care activities such as brushing teeth, dressing, sleeping, and moving through home routines.


Our pediatric physical therapists are certified and trained in numerous approaches — including TAAP (Treadmill for students with Autism and Apraxia Protocol), Kinesio tape, and astronaut boards — and we treat a wide variety of pediatric diagnoses. We support children and their families in meeting motor milestones and developing strength, endurance, postural control, and coordination. Our physical therapists are uniquely qualified to assist children learning to walk. We develop customized treatment plans following your individualized evaluation and educate caregivers for home exercise programs to maximize your child’s functional progress.

Pediatric Gym

Our pediatric patients are given their own space to take full advantage of a play-based therapy that allows for fun while working hard at attaining their goals.

Aquatic Therapy

Our aquatic therapy pool is heated to 92 degrees Fahrenheit for therapeutic warmth and spasticity management. It has an underwater treadmill for gait training in buoyancy and against resistance. Underwater cameras can be used for visual feedback and assessment. Therapy jets are used for resistance training. A unique rehabilitation resource for strengthening, balance, range of motion, stamina, and promoting walking skills.

Lite Gait Suspension and Treadmill Training System

We work closely with school systems and Boston-area hospitals to attain walking for all our patients. Our physical therapists are uniquely qualified to support children who are advancing their walking skills following Botox or surgery.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Our clinic is equipped with a variety of resistive equipment for strengthening and neuromuscular training.

Scoliosis-specific exercises

As part of Emerson’s scoliosis program, Schroth-certified therapists work with pre-teens through adults utilizing the Schroth ladder and scoliosis-specific exercise programs.

Coordination of Durable Medical Equipment

Our therapists work in collaboration your medical team and equipment providers to assist in obtaining mobility or standing aides as needed.

Rehab Brace Clinic

Our physical therapists work alongside orthotists from IAM Orthotics in a weekly onsite rehab brace clinic to provide custom designed orthotics such as ankle foot orthosis and trunk supports. We work closely with local and Boston-based physicians to order these supports for our patients. Clinic appointments are available at both locations.


Our team of speech-language pathologists have expertise across a variety of communication delays and disorders to support the individual needs of your child. Our team evaluates and treats children of all ages to address concerns of:

  • Expressive and receptive language
  • Speech clarity and articulation errors
  • Voice and fluency (stuttering)
  • Treatment with the use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • Feeding and swallowing

Evaluation and therapies are provided one-on-one with goals individualized to your child’s specific needs. Caregivers are invited into the sessions to observe our clinicians model and discuss strategies that can be used at home to facilitate progress and generalization of skills to other communication contexts such as home or after-school activities.
In addition, we collaborate with other therapists on our team, as well as physicians, school-based therapists, and any specialized clinics you may consult to help provide comprehensive treatment for your child.

Feeding and Swallowing Therapy

Our outpatient multi-disciplinary team providing therapy for feeding and swallowing issues consists of occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists. We provide clinical assessment, treatment, and consultation to support babies, children, and families experiencing a variety of feeding difficulties, from breast and bottle feeding in infancy, to oral motor delays and increased sensory responses to food in toddlers through adolescence. Our clinicians have expert training in a variety of specialized therapeutic approaches.

Treatment planning is individualized and family centered. Therapy can address challenges with:

  • oral motor skills
  • sensory-motor and processing skills
  • feeding skills such as breast feeding, bottle feeding, cup drinking, biting and chewing, and utensil use
  • readiness for transition to solid foods
  • behavioral and/or sensory responses to foods, diet and intake
  • food modifications for safe swallowing
  • the impact of feeding difficulties on the family unit
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